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    never too late

    Firstly I am a complete and utter waste of space

    My grandpa after bypass surgery and cardio rehab three years ago at age 101, started exercising with a personal trainer, Miss Buxom, to see what his limits were. His cardiologist encouraged him to continue. Soon, he built up greater stamina and began to feel much better physically and mentally. He have been working out three times a week and as he said he find pleasure in both the physical challenge and the benefits it brings his cognitive faculties.
    He's my role model. Because of him I started going for a morning jog.
    I encourage all people in middle and later ages to exercise. At the gym I see older men like my grandpa working out; younger men doing weight and resistance exercises; and women from their twenties to their seventies working out. All of this is very encouraging for a stalker.
    The benefits from regular, strenuous exercising are both physical and mental. Take your pick of different forms of exercise; all can be beneficial if not pushed to extremes.
    One caveat: I don't work out to lose weight. Many people think exercising can lead to weight reduction. In fact, building muscle mass and consuming body fat can temporarily increase one's weight since muscle weighs more than body fat. The great benefit of regular exercise is that it promotes a healthier body and mind, but not mine. Combined with changes in diet, it can improve one's fitness and well-being. My trainer informed me that the way to lose weight lies in dietary changes; exercise makes the body work more efficiently and actually lessens cravings with a proper diet and supplements if needed (for now I only take crap to feel less tired after workouts). One other aspect of regular work outs is the development of better balance and stability. Balance exercises can help overcome many physical limits. I use my balls for several different exercises and my stability has really improved. On top of that, I enjoy tossing and catching a four-pound ball in the air with each hand and then from hand to hand. It's great fun and improves hand-eye coordination. My next step: juggling two balls.

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    I enjoy tossing

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