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Thread: Gofar - 2019 new edition

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    Gofar - 2019 new edition

    There is a new edition of gofar out if you want to check it out. It's been switched to different software and is designed for desktops/laptops so may not view very well on mobiles!

    The main new features are:

    Links to facebook to encourage greater reporting of completions of informal challenges and exchange of info on facebook. Why not join?

    Completion logs and records menu - so you can link to all the completion logs from one page

    Other Challenges menu for links to all sorts of routes not included on the main menu

    Addition of Abraham's Tea Round and Andy's Southern Fells - both in the Lakes

    Good running! - the next update will be round about Spring 2020

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    Looking forward to checking it out. A favourite website of mine...

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    Got a lot of love for GoFar - also realised from checking it out that i hadn't sent my gpx file in for my a/c tea round - so useful reminder to do that and claim my tenuous achievement as being first to go c/w and then a/c. Neither is obviously easier although that climb up High Stile is better than descending it imo.

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