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Thread: Hello from Hebden Bridge

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    Smile Hello from Hebden Bridge

    Hey everyone,

    I am just getting back into running, I used to do quite a lot when I was younger, but never any races or anything like that, it was always just for me or as part of a group activity just for fun.

    I am taking things really slow and steady and working my way through the Asics RunKeeper Couch to 5K with Erin - she's great and always seems to know the right time to catch me when I am flagging a bit. It's a little uncanny to be honest

    Anyway, I am being encouraged by Erin to go for a race. So, while I am not interested in the actual 'race' part of it, by that I mean competing - I love the running, but I will probably come last I am interested in the camaraderie / mutual support side of it and have picked Beefys Nab on the 15th of September as my first race. I guess I may end up walking bits of it, but I am okay with that.

    Is anyone here doing that race? I am sure I will meet some folk on the day but it would be good to make some kind of contact beforehand. Perhaps someone else who is just starting out, so we can encourage each other a bit.

    Thank you
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    Hi DM. Good to hear you're getting back into running and are considering a race. I've not done that one but I'm sure you'll find plenty of support at the race. Good luck
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    there's plenty of walking in fell running anyway so don't be worried about doing it!
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    Thank you noel and ba-ba

    Good to know about the walking bit - that's helpful and reassuring. I found the previous race times and I've been looking at my map and think I can spot a likely route for the race up to Nab Hill, it looks quite steep in places. I walk up ~160m almost every day up an even steeper hill just to get back home from town though, so I should be fine. Even in the few weeks I have been training I have noticed that my walks up the hill have been getting easier.

    I've been asking around and it would seem there are more runners in my social circle than I expected. What seems to be the limiting factor in finding someone to run with is finding folk who actually want to go up, so many run along the canal, which is fair enough but not my bag at all.

    Of course I'll still turn up and run even if I don't find anyone to go with; there's plenty of time yet though - thanks again

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    Beefy’s is a perfect intro race - you’ll enjoy it. I’m hoping to be there and if that’s the case hope we can meet up for a chat
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    I might be there too

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    Excellent - thank you - I am looking forward to this even more now

    I broke the 3 mile barrier this morning, it was a little damp (okay pouring with rain) and up in the clouds so couldn't see much, but still a good run! I had to break on the final interval going out as I was on a steep bit and well... my poor lungs just couldn't get enough air in to keep my legs going - I got to 35 seconds out of the 60 though. Managed the other 19 intervals just fine - next time I will have it!!

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