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Thread: Master World M'tain Race

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    Master World M'tain Race

    Just looking for a bit of info/advice on the Masters World Mountain Running competition in Italy at the end of Septmeber (
    It look like anyone can enter (if they're old enough) - Is that the case? You don't need to qualify?

    The route looks awful and hardly mountain running, but truth be told it might suit me, so I'm thinking of giving it a go.

    If anyone has done it before and haas any advice that'd be grand



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    No advice I'm afraid but was tempted to have a look with a view o giving it a go but its a long way to go to run 6.5K and 300 metres!
    Visibility good except in Hill Fog

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    yes anyone can enter,the only problem is you have to enter before you go and use international bank transfer,which can be expensive to do,its an up and down race this year so should suit any brits going

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    you can enter online and pay when you get there if you don't want to use international bank transfer,the Italian organizers don't seem too keen on this, go to

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