The rather painful injury that had me dropping out of the Four Fans race seemed to fit all the usual descriptions of plantar fasciitis. But one of the most well-known aspects of PF is that it takes months or years to recover from. Yet today (just 19 days after the original injury), I was able to go out for a very short run (12 minutes) with barely any discomfort, either during or after the run.

I also saw a physio 8 days ago, which was a slightly odd experience. She did examine my foot, but spent far more time going over the entire leg looking for problems that might be causing the pain in my foot. She only mentioned the plantar fascia once in the 45 minutes, and spent more time working on my stiff quads than anywhere else! She has also referred me to a podiatrist specialising in biomechanical problems, although that appointment is not for another 3 weeks.

So it's still a bit of a mystery what my injury was. Has anyone else had anything similar?