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Thread: Funniest thing you've seen...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quinny View Post
    I know it's been mentioned before on here but this one still gets me every time. Funny moment at about 7:30. Easily the most watched Esk Valley race video!
    It was a Mr Smith of my club; Otley AC, who went off course! He mainly sticks to road running now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrPatrickBarry View Post
    You should have used Strava.
    Strava was still many years in the future!This was last century - we only raced in black and white
    A circular route mostly downhill

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    If I remember correctly the nearest thing to Strava was a car called a Fist Strada.

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    Ah yes, I remember those lovely green mossy soft bits amongst the rocks and heather that look so attractive and solid, a mistake you make just once in your lifetime...!

    Not racing as such - on the KIMM many years ago my colleague and I had just endured a night of incessant rain; we were feeling a bit short on enthusiasm for another 6 hours of blundering around the Cowal peninsula, IIRC. We had the door of the tent open and were psyching ourselves up to brave the rain and do battle with the loos. A woman reversed out of the tent next door wearing perfectly skin coloured lycra (given the conditions, this was probably a pale purple with blotchy bits)- we watched, speechless, convinced she was entirely unclothed.

    It was a slow emergence, somewhere between a butterfly from a chrysalis and some very, very niche burlesque show. It probably took a minute for her to emerge and be demonstrably fully clothed. The look on Andy's face was absolutely priceless, and he tells the same story about me....Perhaps it was the incipient hypothermia but we were absolutely helpless with laughter for the next twenty minutes and were warm for the rest of the day. Even now, 20 years or so on, the mention of flesh coloured lycra causes mirth or even, after a few beers, gales of laughter again. Happy days :-)


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