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Thread: ROC mountain marathon?

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    Hahah yeah! I wouldn't have though to do this on an actual event, more just a silly thing to try out

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    Did the Lowther Hills OMM in 2007, from what I remember it was a fantastic area for running. Similar to the Howgills with lots of grassy/tussocky terrain and rounded steep-sided hills.

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    So how did everyone get on.... I ended up 19th on long score (first race after 2+ years off with injury). My main takeaways... I was out of practice choosing routes, found my mental game was weak on the first day which led to me not really putting the effort and just sort of wandering aimlessly. Also I'd forgotten the pace at which the top teams push all day. I definitely was not pushing until maybe the last hour on day. Lots to relearn and despite swearing I was never going to MM again after day one, I'm planning next years campaigns already.

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