Right, bit of history. 2mths ago I pulled up lame with knee pain (coincidentally or not after running a couple of road 10k , having never run that far on pavement before), worse when descending. Couldn't even walk on it - shooting pains down lower leg. Knee was a little swollen on the outside and warm to touch. Physio said it was an injured popliteo (?) insertion which was compressing the tibial nerve, which sounds about right - the leg pain feels very 'nervy' into the foot and heel, and if I straighten the leg without thinking, it can fold under me. She ordered rest, nerve mobility exercises progressing to working on knee strength.

So, ibuprofen, resting, cycling, walking and now doing short easy trots. Still uncomfortable, but definite improvement. A little pain down the outside of the shin/calf, proper running esp. downhill still seems some way off.

Now, as long as I can remember (certainly since I started running in Dec), the same knee hasn't been able to bend properly. If I squat, I get a pulling sensation down the outside calf, shin and under the heel. Right leg can squat til I'm sat on my heel, left leg is way off. It doesn't like to fully straighten either, which I believe is the job of the aforementioned popliteo.

My physio has been on her hols for a few weeks, I'm due in again on Weds, but thought I'd throw this out there in case it's familiar to anyone. It's been my longest recovery by far and there have been a few!