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    The only think I put on my feet is SportSlick for lubrication and waterproofness for long wet races like Lakeland 100, LDWA 100s, UTMB, etc. It helps to slow the onset of trench foot and prevents blisters. Unless I'm going to work, shopping, running, etc I'm in bare feet all the time. First thing I do after a race is take shoes and socks off to begin the drying-off and recovery process then drive home in bare feet. As far as feet are concerned I'm a bit feral; my foot hygiene must be zero. I must be lucky in that I've never had any issues, apart from the usual verrucae when I was a schoolkid. Oh, and they don't smell either. Food for thought? Does 'going feral' prevent foot problems?
    Yep I have never worn anything on my feet other than when absolutely necessary, wouldn`t describe it as feral rather I see it as natural my feet don`t smell but my shoes and socks can hum a bit on multi day trips especially when they are wet, but then so do my clothes if not wearing Merino
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