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Thread: Knee Pain

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    Knee Pain

    Been suffering from a mild shin splint for around 8 weeks which has slowly improved. Been running for around a year. The shin splint was of case of too much too soon. So only running about twice per week now on and off road. Weird thing is as I warm up I often get a stabbing pain off to one side my left knee. Not actually inside the knee. It is almost level with the middle of knee cap but off to one side - on the side nearest right leg. As technically I have backed off a bit I doubted itís runners knee setting in. Thought it was more likely linked to the shin splint issue. The really odd thing is it is noticeable during warming up running downhill not if I change direction and run up hill. Any ideas - fairly cheesed off as I have got my head round the shin splint and as that improves now this....

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    Got a similar thing TCP, albeit without the shin splints. Inner knee stabbing pain. Fine walking, but comes on during running. I had to have 3 weeks off recently, because of a bad back, & it definitely improved, although has not completely gone. Maybe try complete rest for a few weeks, come back & see how it is? Iíve also reduced my weekly mileage to lessen the chance of overuse injuries. Hope it improves as the knee is a buggar to diagnose!

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    TCP I suffered something vaguely similar a couple of months ago. Funny thing was it didn’t come on during the incredibly strenuous session I was doing, but afterwards when I was walking round the gym between doing weights...

    My dad (who is by no means a qualified physio) but has suffered knee trouble himself, was fairly convinced that it could have been a loose piece of cartilage which had got ‘jiggled about’ and was moving around, causing the pain.

    It happened on two separate occasions... both times it was gone within 24 hours, and hasn’t occurred since.

    Doubt that helps much but worth considering. Yours sounds like it could be something a little more technical/serious.... all I could recommend is seeing a physio...


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    Yes its odd. Did Wadsworth half trog today and same thing happems as normal. Feel it warming up but only when running down hill. Once in race apart from a very slight twinge nothing at all. Seeing physio on Thursday - had a look at runenrs knee online and it does not fit with anything at all. Hoping it is not flappy cartilage but at 46 years old anything possible. The funny thing is if I had to pick a knee which was more clunky it would be the other. I'll have a rest this week and see what the physio reckons. At least I can run.... hope it don't get worse Shin splint was ok though!!

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    Seen Physio, its sartorius muscle which attaches at knee - other end on hip. Basically its a bit sore on the knee end and pain fires off into the side of knee, hence confusion. At least it is not my knee (as such). Got some basic excercises to warm and strengthen it - hey ho.

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