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Thread: Mudclaw Sizes - Classic vs Newer

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    Mudclaw Sizes - Classic vs Newer


    Does anyone have experience of the size/fit comparison between the Mudclaw classic yellow ones and the newer designs?

    I could still stick with the classic of course, you can still get them.

    I thought they were going to live forever, but at 600 miles it's time for them to retire... studs have gone.

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    ... I recently bought a pair of the Mudclaw 275’s in my usual size (9.5 UK) and my impression is that the last is slimmer than the previous versions I’ve had. They remind me more of a Walsh PB (?) fit ... (or perhaps it’s the same last but they just feel slimmer being all black ‘n’ all ��)... anyway, a bit too slim for me so hoping to sell them on ...

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