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Thread: Plica - anyone had/got one?

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    Plica - anyone had/got one?

    Hi there, I have had a medial plica for 10 months - symptoms are snapping/popping sensation in joint line on inside and front of knee particularly bad the day after a 3-4 hour fell run. Intermittent and infrequent pain - dull ache. Orthopaedic surgeon recommends surgery to remove. I have tried conservative treatment and rest over the past 10 months but it has not improved.

    I am very keen to hear from anyone who has had similar injury and/or surgery. What did you do do about it? If you had surgery was it a success? Also, was your plica simply divided, or fully taken out (resected - I think that's the right word!).

    Main dilemma is that I can run and live with it however it is a constant bother and may cause cartilage damage in the future. On the other hand, I don't want to opt for surgery and end up making it worse!

    Any thoughts/comments much appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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    I've got one in both knees. Whether or not they irritate is down to your muscle recruitment; as far as my tests have concluded activities that utilise the lateral quads will put the medial retinaculum under tension and flare up a plica. The more irritated they get the more they thicken. If you want to see if you can fix it yourself i'd recommend a 3 month total lay-off and NSAI gel every day localised in small amounts. Therafter, medial patella mobilisation (4mins), Comfrey oil application and heat every day for 1 month, this will hurt at first so maybe back off it for a couple of days in between; technique is critical. Start using K-Tape halved and looped around the knee every time you run.

    So, 4mths of rehab followed by a steady return with K-Tape and mobilisation for the rest of your life. It might also be required that you give up long distance. Alternatively there's surgery, i've not gone that way though, i've focused on rehab and changing my exercise patterns. Good luck, i know how troublesome this is!
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