Hi there, I have had a medial plica for 10 months - symptoms are snapping/popping sensation in joint line on inside and front of knee particularly bad the day after a 3-4 hour fell run. Intermittent and infrequent pain - dull ache. Orthopaedic surgeon recommends surgery to remove. I have tried conservative treatment and rest over the past 10 months but it has not improved.

I am very keen to hear from anyone who has had similar injury and/or surgery. What did you do do about it? If you had surgery was it a success? Also, was your plica simply divided, or fully taken out (resected - I think that's the right word!).

Main dilemma is that I can run and live with it however it is a constant bother and may cause cartilage damage in the future. On the other hand, I don't want to opt for surgery and end up making it worse!

Any thoughts/comments much appreciated. Thanks for reading.