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Thread: Sack the royal family

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    Quote Originally Posted by molehill View Post
    I wish young Master Hewitt (as he was known in the army, allegedly) and his Missus all the best, he's had the balls to take his own path and stick a couple of fingers up at the press.
    I hope it goes well and they both find happiness.
    That's an interesting take.

    I saw it as wanting the perks without the hassle, and he's not been given the option by QE2. As for sticking two fingers up at the press, I think that's also a pick 'n mix case of when it suits them. It was being put about last week that if they don't get what they want, they'd run of to the US and arrange a tell all set piece interview.

    But like you, I wish them well, but having wanted out, I hope they do so with good grace.
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    I blame the parents.
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