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Thread: Success at WMRC

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    Success at WMRC

    Loughborough University is very proud of its sporting prowess, and loses no opportunity to celebrate its sporting successes. Or does it?

    Earlier this week, they were celebrating successes at the Para-Athletics Championships in Dubai (most of which were by athletes who train at Loughborough, rather than being actual students or staff of the University). It seemed to have passed them by that one of their students had won the World Junior Mountain Running Championship - until I alerted the Public Relations office to this fact. They have now acknowledged Joe Dugdale's success:

    I also mentioned that they hadn't noticed that a Loughborough graduate was the senior English Fell Running Champion in 2017.
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    They’re a top club for sure... it’s a shame they can’t/don’t compete in the Midlands/National Cross-Country and Road Relays... they’d be right up there on a good year.

    Their success in the XC in recent years means they are now the joint 2nd most successful Club in the B’ham League Cross Country, alongside Godiva.... Tipton Harriers (of John Wild fame) being way out in the lead... (think Tipton have won it something like 30 times, with Cov and L’boro lagging behind with 10 or 11 each).

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    On a similar theme, a few years ago at an end of year school service, the head was doing the sporting review along the lines of '...the cricket team made a valiant effort to qualify....the rugby 15 nearly got into the last 8 of the county championships... at the end, after a prompt from the head of PE... oh yes and we apparently have a fell running champion in our midst, though sadly not here today. The champion was about ten feet away from him, playing soft background music on the flute while the speech went on, his error was pointed out, but he hadn't a clue.
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