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Thread: Gore Tex boots or not?

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    Gore Tex boots or not?

    Iím going to Norway in the summer with leading a Gold DofE expedition. My big winter Boots are too cumbersome and in summer I wear fell shoes in this country. But as weíre wild camping for 4 nights and walking Iím wondering about what boots to take with the ankle appropriate support.
    Do I go for Gore Tex and potentially have 4 days in wet boots (as it isnít fully waterproof or breathable) or use non-waterproof boots and have wet feet that can breathe? If so any ideas on lightweight summer boots with minimal-ish drop?

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    Or lightweight shoes with the option of waterproof socks?

    I'm a fan but Mrs noel gets rotten feet with this approach.
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    I recently bought some of these.

    They were for walking and running.

    Never had Goretex footwear before, but I have to say I really like them.

    Once I'd broken them in, which took a couple of 10 mile walks, been very comfortable and great grip except on loose, sloppy mud - but then not much is good in that.

    Use them for running now.

    I've been out in wet conditions and my feet have come back bone dry. On a very wet day a few weeks back I had lots of running water to content with, and my feet did get wet then early on as I had to wade through a little brook, but was fine again.

    I'm likely to get another pair.
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