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Thread: How much further does a dog run?

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    How much further does a dog run?

    Ever wondered how much further your dog goes when you're out running together? I did some experiments to find out:

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    Very scientific, Peat.
    This confirms my suspicions that although I would like to think Mungo rubs a lot further than me, it's really only the first mile or so that he is manically chasing after squirrels and rabbits. The rest is pretty much a plod around by my side unless there's something interesting to sniff. That is then followed by a quick sprint to catch me up again.

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    Several years ago, along with two friends and their three dogs ( I am "dogless" ) we ran along that section of the West Highland Way from Mamore Lodge to Glen Nevis. The three dogs (Golden Labrador, Springer Spaniel and Patterdale Terrier) were constantly quartering back and forth across the moor on either side of the track, sometimes by as much as 300 - 400 yards. On that particular day, totally unscientifically, we concurred that the dogs must have run approximately 3 times the distance that we had covered
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    When we had our dog (Labrador) and would go for runs with him the first few minutes when unleashed would be a random (to me) rushing about checking things out. After that he'd be either a few metres in front of me occasionally checking that he was still leading me along the right path or some way behind having found something malodorous to investigate and possibly roll around in before catching me up. He was usually close enough for me to hear comments like: "It's a Labrador, RUNNING!" (I always wanted to reply along the lines of: "Yes, he's a dog, it's what dogs do.")

    I read somewhere that dogs become accustomed to going for a short (in time) walk so make the most of it. They don't know that this time you are heading over the fells for a couple of hours so spend the first five or ten minutes as if it was their usual "get out of the house" time.

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    I figure my collie does about the same distance as I do as I trained it from the outset to run to heel, or alongside me and on command just ahead , so that i was able to keep it under proper control particulary when running on the fells amoungnst sheep and ground nesting birds.
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    This afternoon I took the dogs for a walk on a regularish route around local fields which I know is dead on 3 miles.I strapped my Garmin watch to one of their collars and the distance covered was 3 and a half miles. Half a mile of the walk was on a lead so if my maths is right think the extra distance covered was 20%.

    I suspect that because it was a regular route that they knew and therefore not many new sights and smells to investigate the extra distance covered was less than I expected.

    I'll have to have another go over a longer distance and terrain less known to them!
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    Its a secret!
    Lurchers attempt to walk less than their owners.
    Unless a quick chase is valid.

    As Longdogs.

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    I have a working cocker and she mostly does about the same distance - next time we are out I will attach a gps to confirm
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    ** update ** run on Sunday and did 6.4 miles and the hound did ~10% more at 7.05 miles.

    If she was a springer then the extra mileage would be substantial - they can shift!

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