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Thread: Hip Osteoarthritis

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    Hip Osteoarthritis

    Over the last 18 months I have been struggling a bit with very tight quads after running and the occasional soreness around the hips during running normally after a couple of hours of running in the mountains. Long story short but after seeing a physio and getting a x-ray I have been diagnosed with advanced Hip Osteoarthritis. My physio has said keep exercising but replace a couple of the runs with cycle rides and stop running in the mountains but just run on the roads but I was thinking running in the hills would be better than on the roads. So just wondering if anyone else is still running in the mountains with Hip Osteoarthritis, as I am just not ready to stop yet!

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    I agree - I would have thought pounding the bitumen would be more harmful to arthritic hips than fell running, and far less fun. From your brief description of your symptoms, I would not have expected the x-ray changes to be advanced. Was the physio surprised? It does make sense to keep up your muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness on the bike.
    If it was me I think I would be trying to avoid what hurts (during and/or after), but my opinion might be different if discomfort avoidance meant I couldn't do much. Good luck!

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    cheers Mike, yeah before the x-ray he thought it would be mild or just the initial stages of Osteoarthritis so he was very surprised considering how much I was still able to do. Anyways was able to get out for a couple of hours this morning with no issues, although can feel it a wee bit in the hip now. I am hopefully going to get a consultation with a hip specialist to get a bit more advice!

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