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WP: regarding your earlier point, (post #51) isn't it true that the WFRA have surcharges for non-members (Travs will know more than me on this)

ba-ba.... yes it is true that some races certainly do.

I did at least 5 WFRA races last year and only recall a surcharge on one of them. So i don't think it's a compulsory ruling. I can say that it certainly worked... the surcharge was an extra 7 on top of a 3 entry free, and i made sure to join them this year!

You also need to be in the WFRA to feature in the Welsh Champs and North South/Wales Series. If not, you are scored in the individual races but part way into the season they do a champs table and you suddenly find yourself off the table!

This is however clearly stated on their website.