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Thread: Langdale Recce Friday 7/09

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    Langdale Recce Friday 7/09

    Me and Bogtrotter are going around the Langdale Horseshoe route on Friday setting off from Stickle Barn about 10.30am `ish.Neither of us too familiar with the route so if anyone cares to join us send a PM to either me or Bogtrotter.

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    Re: Langdale Recce Friday 7/09

    good luck on top of pavey and thunacarr, i was wandering around for ages in the mist. You shud have good weather.

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    Re: Langdale Recce Friday 7/09

    The weather was great, bit cloudy on the first part but it had cleared by Bowfell, glad I put the sun cream on!

    Really worth having a look round this one and with a bit of advice from some Ali on Wednesday night I think we were able to find most of the trods that smooth out the route.

    Stopped for a couple of pints and food at the Watermill at Ings on the way back

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