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Thread: Coronavirus

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    Posting to keep ahead of Wheeze and try to catch Mossdog on the leaderboard.
    Not sure I even trust the leaderboard statistics, they could be fake stats.
    Don't roll with a pig in poo. You get covered in poo and the pig likes it.

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    I think it would be a shame if this thread turned into another master maker. We should all do our best to keep our posts to the point and not stray off subject.
    No longer "resting"

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    Quote Originally Posted by XRunner View Post
    As a number of people on this thread like statistics here are a few figures to consider:-

    Member and number of posts on this thread.

    Witton Park 548
    Dave_Mole 326
    Oracle 262
    Mike T 251
    Fellbeast 238
    Stagger 231
    Muddy Retriever 229
    Graham Breeze 226
    Travs 144
    Llani Boy 117
    Flem 108
    Mossdog 87
    molehill 83
    Wheeze 81
    anthonykay 63
    noel 61
    JohnK 61
    Derby Tup 51
    Wetherby whaler 40
    CL 33
    Mark G 24
    bigfella 22
    Daletownrunner 21
    MattPo 19
    Steph 18
    jackd 17
    RichA 16
    Marco 15
    TheGrump 15
    PeteS 14
    mr brightside 12
    creaky 11
    brett 10

    There may be a few false positives or non-negatives in the above figures
    As I am not an Epidemiologist, Mathematician, Virologist, Immunologist, Psychologist, Sociologist, Economist or even a Politician how on earth have I managed 117 posts and 10th place on the list

    I must have posted some rite shite
    Visibility good except in Hill Fog

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    You certainly won't see me trying to climb up the leader board by posting needlessly in a thinly veiled attempt to get level with anthonykay.
    No longer "resting"

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    I think Xrunner needs to do the count properly, counting words or maybe square yards of words not posts. The oracle would be ahead closely followed by WP, with the rest of us miles behind

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    I will excuse my embarrassingly high total of 144 (now 145) by saying that at least most of my posts have been moaning about not being able to race!!!

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    Make the most of being ahead moley!😂😂

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    Quote Originally Posted by Witton Park View Post

    MR - you need to pull your weight a little more and lighten my load
    You’re doing such a good job without my help though. 😃 Anyway only one more needed to draw level with Stagger.

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