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You are using an infection fatality rate of 1% but that is on the high side of the studies that have been done. Most now seem to put it at between 0.5% and 0.66% (some lower). Even Imperial College revised their initial 0.9% estimate to 0.66%.
Yeah to be fair you’d expect the mortality rate to be lower now as there’s such a high proportion of younger people getting it. The rumour, which for me emanated from a comment made by Robert flipping Peston, is probably bollocks. Probably caused by people comparing misleading figures to be honest. There’s a tendency to look at say the number of positive tests a month ago and compare it to today’s deaths and that‘s always going to be false for all sorts of reasons. They now reckon about 20% of all people who catch the virus have no symptoms at all at the time and I imagine a fair few people get some symptoms that they don’t correlate as being the virus either so just don’t get tested. Plenty of scope for crap statistics