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Thread: Sleep injury

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    Sleep injury

    I expect many others have woken up in the morning with a numb foot or arm, having been sleeping in an awkward position. But today I woke up with a painful wrist, and it is still painful as I write (after 9pm). Sleeping on top of a bent-back hand, or what?!
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    When I was kickboxing, particularly in the run up to a fight, or after a particularly intense training session, I would dream I was in the ring... many instances of punching/kicking the wall/headboard, waking up 180deg different position from when I went to sleep...

    One occasion I launched a flying kick and woke up mid-air, crashing into my cupboard across the room. How I gathered the momentum to do that from a lying start, i'll never know... I must have been up and on my feet/haunches in my sleep.

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