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    What a race... you often hear that Borrowdale is the 'perfect' race, but in my opinion Peris stands head and shoulders above anything else (granted it's a step up from Borrowdale and possibly not within the reach of some who could get round Borrowdale).

    Pretty much perfect conditions today, absolutely clear, cool on the tops, only minor issue was a bit of a headwind on some sections, but in comparison to last year it was heaven.

    Made a planned fast start, and was just off the back of the lead group going up the zigzags and onto Elidr. The leaders, to a man, took what appeared a more direct route, but I followed my route from last year and beared right a bit, meeting up with the other route at the fence line before the final pull to the summit. Perhaps they were just moving faster, but this seemed to cost me 2-3 minutes, and as expected I never really saw them again after that.

    I reached Glyder in around 15th-18th position, but despite the clear weather I seemed to make a bit of a hash of the descent to Pen-Y-Pass, going too far left, and by the time I hit my water bottle supply on the Miners Track I was down to 23rd. I rallied back up Lliwedd, but then tried a 'clever' contour round the first Lliwedd Peak, went way too low, and shipped all those positions again. Going up Snowdon I went direct up the east face, a new one for me, I don't think it's any worse than following the Watkin Path, and certainly a bit quicker. Once again I made a bit of a hash going down the Snowdon Ranger path, trying a few shortcuts that went badly, and found myself back in about 31st. A steady climb up Cynghorion and managed to pull a place back on the final descent, despite shot legs.

    Finished in 4:35 which is a pb by almost exactly half an hour, so I shouldn't be anything other than very pleased. But a tinge of disappointment as I must have shipped at least 10 minutes through poor route choice on the ground, and once you give people of a similar ability that many head-starts, eventually you can't pull it back. A look at the results and a 10-15 minute improvement would have seen me troubling the top 20, but 30th it was to be.

    Amusingly there was also a trail race on in Llanberis, and really it highlighted the vast difference between trail runners and fell runners. Most of the trail runners were resplendent in pristine calf and arm guards, headphones, latest gear, etc. I can't understand how so many of them thought the Peris finish was the finish of their race. Surely if they started in the park in Llanberis, which was covered in Inov8 banners, a huge fishing area, bar etc, they couldn't all think that a couple of guys in hi-viz jackets on the Snowdon path was the finish of their race. One guy even complained to the Peris finish marshalls that his race was poorly organised... tosser.... flipping heck mate, you were at the wrong finish, and you had a marked course. Not to mention their course was vastly inferior. and they had paid £50 for the privelidge.

    Great day, can't miss this one, and I sorely hope it doesn't clash with LDMT next year... that is a 'fishwick' I'd prefer not to attempt....
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