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Thread: Todays permitted exercise!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike T View Post
    Cotton, even when mixed with other fibres, strikes me as a good formula for chafing, and when it is wet and windy, hypothermia.
    One of my early forays into the Lakes, well over 20 years ago, was up from Honister, over Grey Knotts, Brandreth and Haystacks.... in jeans, in torrential rain...

    Lesson learned and never again... they were foaming at my knees!
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    I don't wear tights very often but when it is really cold I still use my original Helly Hansen Thermal Longjohns.

    They are at least 35 years old and probably more but do the job.

    As for fit and look they do have a bit of the Nora Batty's about them!
    Visibility good except in Hill Fog

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    I did manage a walking event yesterday of 20 miles and 3,500ft - with beer at checkpoints (though I only had the one, 9.15am was a little early for me to start on the booze). Good route with plenty of difficult ground + incessant hills and managed a steady 4mph right round with jog/walk mix. Happy with that for now as not really running or any training.
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    10.79 miles, 401 feet, 2 hours 15 minutes: around the Roman Ruins, then back and forth along Under Loughrigg, so roughly half and half grass/mud and bitumen. Overcast, no wind/rain/snow. Yesterday's snow has largely gone at this level, and what remains is mainly soft, though there are occasional patches of ice. Microspikes carried but not used. Quite a few walkers about. There are still lots of trees that are down and need dealing with - Under Loughrigg is blocked to cars in a couple of places.

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