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Thread: Todays permitted exercise!

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    Walk with Mrs WP through Tockholes with the intention of rounding Cartridge Hill.
    Advised Mrs WP to take a hooded waterproof, but she just takes her quilted jacket, no hat, no hood
    Heavy hail just after The Royal so with Mrs WP in mind re-routed to miss the summit of Cartridge and headed for Roddlesworth. Hail lasted about 20 minutes, turned to light snow and then fizzled out.
    Stopped next to the top reservoir for our butty and brew, then carried on back home.
    Nice walk.
    12.28 mile, 1514ft, 3:58
    Richard Taylor
    "William Tell could take an apple off your head. Taylor could take out a processed pea."
    Sid Waddell

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    Clockwise walk with my mum, (who is over 80), starting in the car park mid-way between Newchurch and Hoar Cross. Headed through the Duchy of Lancaster estate, across the A515 and then along the southern edge of Tatenhill Airport, before heading South along the edge of The Football Assocation's St George's Park complex.

    Entered the wooded section, and a return crossing of the A515, before more woods to complete the route. Glorious day with primroses and carpets of flowering bluebells (the British type) in the woods, with many birds that you could hear but never see. For the 4 miles of the route beyond very easy walking distance from the car park we only saw one person, (a runner), with the exception of car drivers. Quite remarkable for a beautiful spring late-morning Saturday walk, at a location 22 miles from the centre of both Birmingham and Stoke upon Trent, and considerably less to Derby and Burton upon Trent.

    8 degrees C, 4.66 miles, 413ft, 10 stiles, 2hrs 10 mns

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    Over Haddon
    Another longer walk today. Shoulder improving and I was able to carry a small backpack so plenty of rations on board.

    From home, over the frosty fields to Magpie Mine and Sheldon. In and out of Deep Dale and over to Taddington and up to the TP at Sough Top. On to Pillwell Lane and then the Pennine Bridleway to Dowlow. On to the TP at High Wheeldon and then across OA land with lovely views over the Dove and Manifold Valleys and across to the Staffordshire Moorlands.

    Across farmland from Pilsbury Lodge, with plenty of gambolling lambs, to Parsley Hay where the Blueberry Kiosk was open for a welcome Latte. Along the High Peak Trail and a left onto Green Lane which I have only cycled on before. When I got to the dip that is usually full of water and where I dismount and carry my bike around it, not being brave enough trying to ride through, I was surprised to find it dry. I stood in the bottom of the rut and the sides were between my waist and shoulders! If I'd tried to ride it I could have lost my bike!

    Over the Friden Road to Kenslow Knoll which I have not visited before. It is relatively unknown and comprises of a circular stand of trees planted in 2000 with three large mill stones in the centre displaying a Millennium Plaque. The path to it is a dead end and at least a mile from any available car parking. A little gem worth a visit.

    From there along Long Dale and then Gratton Dale before dropping down to Gratton, Middleton and down Bradford Dale before up over the hill to Meadow Place Farm and home.

    Much of the walk was either on trails that I usually run or cycle on and it was most enjoyable to be going much slower and seeing things that I have missed previously.

    A total of 27 and a half miles and only 2,960 feet in 8hrs 8 min, excluding three 15 min stops.
    A cold day with a few snow flurries and a lot less people about than I was expecting.
    Visibility good except in Hill Fog

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