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Thread: Todays permitted exercise!

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    Pleasant 10 mile plod on fields and trails. Skirted the villages of Thorner and Barwick in Elmet on the outskirts of north east Leeds. Fine evening for it. Saw few people on large stretches of my route.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oracle View Post
    Trying to do a foreign tax return, probably explains my grumpiness. Even then I was happy till I saw the path closed signs!
    Just make a large donation to charity and feel virtuous!

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    Quote Originally Posted by anthonykay View Post
    Saw my first instance of a blocked footpath on my walk today: on a well-used, if somewhat muddy, path on the edge of town. It isn't a Public Right of Way, so I suppose it's not illegal to block it. On the other hand, I was very tempted to remove the blockage (which wasn't particularly secure), simply because the perpetrator had written that the path was closed due to "Advice from Government", which is patently untrue.
    Today's run passed the other end of this path. It appeared that it had been blocked there as well, but someone had tossed the obstacle aside. Sensible fellow!
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