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Thread: Todays permitted exercise!

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    11.19 miles, 3,251 feet, 2 hours 52 minutes, Wansfell Ridge and Red Screes. About a dozen on each fell. The Kirkstone Inn car park remains closed; 3 cars and several bikes parked on the other side of the road. Rather more traffic than when I last did this route, but still not busy. Hot in the sun, but a lovely cool breeze at times.

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    Within sight of Leicestershire's Beacon Hill
    Lots of walkers on the footpaths on today's run to the Outwoods. On two occasions I needed to slow to a walk for a few yards on a narrow section of path, before reaching a wider section where I could overtake walkers ahead of me. Then, on a narrow path through some young woodland (thick vegetation either side of the path, so no visibility round bends), I came within a metre of someone coming the other way before we even caught sight of each other. Fortunately it is not just the distance apart that matters, but also the time spent in proximity.

    I was wondering about the etiquette when someone moves to the side to let me pass. My instinct is to say "Thank you" (if I can summon up the breath to speak), but of course speaking increases the amount of aerosol I am releasing. In any case, the best I can do to express my thanks is often no more than converting my grimace to a smile.
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    I suspect Anthony that my area is somewhat busier than yours, as the situation you describe is a regular occurrence for me, to the extent that my "steady run" turns into an ad-hoc fartlek session as I try to pass people before the next narrowing of the path.

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