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Thread: Todays permitted exercise!

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    Trotternish Ridge on Sunday with a friend. First time out with a friend since lockdown. Social distancing wasceasy as he was much faster. Abridged version Quiraing th Storr. 24K and 1500m. Very warm, 26C. Too hot for me and became a bit of a suffer fest tbh. Not a soul in sight till the summit of the Storr where I met a friend and her daughters out for a walk. 3hrs 40.

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    A nice round in light drizzle.

    Excellent for the courses and nice fresh smell.

    Just over 10k
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    "The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall."

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    8.07 miles, 725 feet, 77 minutes, to The Drunken Duck and back. Such a nice spot when not over run with badly parked cars. Roads very quiet. A few camper vans in out of the way places - I doubt they are day trippers, but it was very clean around them.

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