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Thread: Running with a cocker spaniel

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    Thanks both much appreciated

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    The bones don't fuse in young dogs untill 8 months or so. Before that, a general rule of thumb is that for every month of the pupís age, they should receive five minutes of exercise, twice daily. Do too much too soon and it creates problems later in life.

    Have fun. Have never run with my dogs as they're too nuts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichA View Post
    Cheers Pete - @lux harness wise we use a Ruffwear Front range one for normal walks / runs and the Web master for fells. The latter is cool as you can attach the lead and lower your dog done small crags etc for safety. There are other brands like Hurtta or Perfect Fit. Also your dog is still young so plenty of time to get the bond working perfectly 😁
    You're probably OK with a spaniel but I found it difficult to get a harness with a comfortable fit for my collie cross. I went for the Perfect Fit system as it is modular and you can buy all 3 parts of the harness specifically to suit the size of your dog.
    As RichA said, a harness is great for lowering them down or hoisting them up a rocky outcrop and also very handy to grab hold of in an emergency situation - Mungo is not known for looking before he leaps! 😁

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