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Thread: Walking the round

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    I never fancied descending Skiddaw right at the end
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    I descended Skiddaw at the end of the 10 Peaks (more like 18 hours than 24). Obviously different, but the euphoria of being so close to the finish meant I flew down it, picking up several places.

    The climb up Skiddaw via the Carl Side route was another story though... oof!

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    I have to say , my current situation would mean 24 hours is not realistic . I suspect I’d need 2 or 3 years of run training to even have a chance. I’m like you , it would be a personal thing as apposed to joining the club irrespective . If I did have a go , I would hope a few friends would join me to celebrate the love for the fells and the love of challenges .

    A final swan song for the long days out challenges and be satisfied with a plod round the park thereafter 😂

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    A few months since I've been on here! 1985 I went AC as everyone I'd helped or that I knew went CW and I really wanted an adventure so AC it was. The whole day went better and better until I lost one of my pacers through Langdale (we waited around, decided we had to carry on, he turned up with extra water after a detour). I dropped one of my pacers along the Dodds, only a few minutes to regroup, then a spectacular descent off Clough Head. I was driven on by looking forward to my descent off Skiddaw, it didn't disappoint....until I swallowed a fly at the bottom of Spooney Green Lane. 8am start, the Dodds in dusk, Halls Fell a dark slow walk. Best club day of the year ! Keswick AC.
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    Me and a friend walked legs 1,2,and 3 at the weekend. Started 8am Saturday, took 5 hours exactly to walk leg 1 and just shy of 6.5 hours to walk leg 2. We didn't really know too many fancy lines or owt so it might be possible to improve on this.
    Can't really give much timing for Leg3 as we bivvied o. Thuncar Knott, it didn't take too long to get there from Dunmail, 25 mins onto Steel Fell something similar around to Calf Crag. We went upto Sarg Man before High Raise following the line of a beck bellow Ash Crags (it was dark and we'd lost any trod). I'd say it barely took 2 and half hours to walk to Thuncar Knott from Dunnail.
    We had a few hours kip as didn't fancy the rough ground from here on in the dark...

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