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Thread: Walking the round

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    I never fancied descending Skiddaw right at the end
    Poacher turned game-keeper

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    I descended Skiddaw at the end of the 10 Peaks (more like 18 hours than 24). Obviously different, but the euphoria of being so close to the finish meant I flew down it, picking up several places.

    The climb up Skiddaw via the Carl Side route was another story though... oof!

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    I have to say , my current situation would mean 24 hours is not realistic . I suspect Iíd need 2 or 3 years of run training to even have a chance. Iím like you , it would be a personal thing as apposed to joining the club irrespective . If I did have a go , I would hope a few friends would join me to celebrate the love for the fells and the love of challenges .

    A final swan song for the long days out challenges and be satisfied with a plod round the park thereafter 😂

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    A few months since I've been on here! 1985 I went AC as everyone I'd helped or that I knew went CW and I really wanted an adventure so AC it was. The whole day went better and better until I lost one of my pacers through Langdale (we waited around, decided we had to carry on, he turned up with extra water after a detour). I dropped one of my pacers along the Dodds, only a few minutes to regroup, then a spectacular descent off Clough Head. I was driven on by looking forward to my descent off Skiddaw, it didn't disappoint....until I swallowed a fly at the bottom of Spooney Green Lane. 8am start, the Dodds in dusk, Halls Fell a dark slow walk. Best club day of the year ! Keswick AC.
    A circular route mostly downhill

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