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Thread: Photos etc needed new history book

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    Photos etc needed new history book

    I am currently working on a history of distance running - and in particular all the Harriers clubs - in West Yorkshire from the 1880s until World War Two. The book features every one of the clubs that existed in the county during that time (and there were 100s), as well as the results of every Yorkshire, Leeds & District, Bradford & District, and Huddersfield & District cross country championship during that time(I just need some bits from 1924, 1939 and 1941 to complete the Huddersfield set)

    Obviously that means that famous clubs - including those on the fells - such as Bramley Harriers will be featured, as well as the likes of Albert Swainson who won the Burnsall race three times runnig in the 1930s.

    So if anyone has any pre World War Two photos, memorabilia, etc for clubs or individuals then please feel to get in touch. Anyone who can provide photos etc will obviously be credited in the book.

    I've another book coming out later this year (Football in West Yorkshire type of thing), so the running book should be out some time during 2021.

    Rob Grillo
    [email protected]

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    Rob... You may know the name Colin Kirkham... I believe he hails from the Keighley area, and he ran for Bingley Harriers before moving to my club, Coventry Godiva Harriers in the 60's, with great success, running marathon in the European Champs and the Olympics.

    He is still a big part of our club, and his daughter is in my training group. he's also our club historian, and has held many lectures/talks about the club history.

    I will pass your contact details in his direction and see if he is able/willing to assist at all...


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    Hi Pete, yes, I'm realy well acquainted with Colin. I wrote about him in my last running book

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobGrillo View Post
    Hi Pete, yes, I'm realy well acquainted with Colin. I wrote about him in my last running book
    Not to mention the photo on page 107!

    " dry as the Atacama desert".

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    Many, many thanks to those who have helped out so far. I'm about 72,000 words into this now - just completed pieces about the old Bramley Carnival Sports and the old Wibsey Park Harriers races. I've got some great images but always on the look out for more. All but one of the clubs I've contacted have been more than happy for me to use some of their images (the other I've had a reply from yet)

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    The West Yorkshire footyball book is out now so the running book has all my attention.

    Unsurprisingly, every single club I've contacted has responded most positively with regards photographs and images so a big thank-you.

    93K words in. This week I've been doing a bit about two runners who didn't run for West Yorkshire clubs BUT did run regularly in the Yorkshire championship - and both were Olympians so they deserve a mention; Ernest Glover and Ernest Harper, both of Hallamshire Harriers.

    Harper and Bramley's Arthur Sewell both took part in that notorious Olympic cross country event that nearly killed half the runners...

    At this rate it could be ready for Xmas !

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    harriers cuvver 2.JPG
    This is looking like the cover...

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    Out now, with a foreword by the one and only Boff Whalley

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