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Thread: Outdoor First Aid Course

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    Outdoor First Aid Course

    I attended a 2-day Outdoor focussed First aid course the other weekend, provided by LakesFirstAid. It was held at Watermillock Village Hall.

    £95 for two full days - excellent value and a brilliant course. Very hands-on, with outdoor scenarios in the field next to the Hall.

    A few key takeaway points for me were: Don't worry about finding a pulse in an unconscious casualty, just start CPR if they're not breathing;

    Don't worry about keeping a tourniquet on for too long - up to 6 hours hasn't lead to any long term problems (and it's better than bleeding out).

    Oh! And remember that on some Epi-Pens removing the cap doesn't expose the needle - that's the other end...'ve just injected yourself and now the pen is useless!! Remember to read the instructions carefully - Doh!
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    Excellent. Well done mossdog, credit to you.

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