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The statement by ECCU somewhat echoed your views WP.... (and as you can imagine was roundly attacked by a lot of people... but also recieved plenty of support from both men and women)

The survey was heavily skewed into illicitng a response which was in favour of equalising race distances, and didn't really leave room for an alternative response, other than in the "any other comments" at the end.

Incidentally i'm not against equalising distances IF that is what women want to do... and as you rightly say WP, there is plenty of evidence to indicate that it is not necessarily the case.

I realise it's all about "equality"... but surely it is a better form of equality to say to women (possibly by way of a vote) "please tell us what distance you want to race... no change, or same as the men's races"

rather than to say "you are now racing the same as men because that's how it should be, regardless of whether you (the competitors) want to or not"

And any solutions which have mixed races, long and short races... well they're just nonsense and quite obviously dreamed up by someone who has never been to Parliament Hill or Woollaton Park on a National day!
The main point I would make is that Male and Female events are equalised under the rules.

If you don't like the races available, organise one in a format that you believe is the future. You'll soon find out if it is or not.

In a local debate here among my club members, I've offered to make a comeback as an RO and set up a two race open cross country test event when the regulations allow, with a short course and long course option. So far I'm only aware of one lady in our club that is chomping at the bit to run 4 laps around Witton