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    Yep, that's right. I went away and had my ankle fused (pesky arthritis) then came back as a V55 and cruised around in 13 hours 10 minutes. Much better!
    Darren Fishwick, Chorley.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flem View Post
    My mother says you're a very foolish young man and she hopes you didn't catch a chill but that, if you did, it's your own fault.

    But when she went on Facebook later and saw the photo of you "messing about and showing off in a stolen dustbin with an older man who should have known better" she said that if I ever did anything like that I'd get my legs slapped, and that if I ever saw you while I was playing out on the fells I was to move away from you and not talk to you. When I said that you'd be the one moving away from me, much faster than I could go, she told me not to talk back. I now have to wait until my dad gets home, apparently.
    Excellent - as good in its own way as Darren's write up.

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    Congrats on the run and report. Not sure about missing gardener’s world though...

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