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Thread: A suitable fell running watch?

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    I've got a Suunto Ambit 3 Vertical, which I bought 12 months ago when Suunto had them on special offer. It's maybe not as accurate as the original ambit (different GPS antenna) but my only real concern with it is battery life. According to the figures I should get 10 hrs recording on 'best' GPS and 1 second intervals. That's enough for 99% of my runs. But what isn't clear is that pairing with other devices reduces this :- so using a chest belt knocks it down to about 8hrs.
    What I have found however is that switching the exercise mode to 'trekking' instead of running and not using the chest belt massively extends the life. I'm not overly concerned with HR on extended runs and it's still recording a reasonably accurate track, distance, time, altitude profile etc. So for me this is an easy solution and might be worth considering if anyone else is concerned about the battery life. The ambit 3 Vertical may be comparatively'old' technology but it's still indistinguishable from magic, has a GPS/Baro altimeter, cost well under £100 when I bought it last year and most importantly, let's you configure the face with nice big figures you can actually read.

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    If you go Suunto route it may be worth checking what the current state of play is for their support for older devices :-

    Among the many features on the instinct I particularly like the track me one which means that when I am away on multi-day /or even shorter outings then folk that I have given the link to can see my route and whereabouts which re-assures myself and people close to me that if things go belly up then at least I should be found.

    Of course there are other watches that have that feature and as always it`s a case of what suits one person may not suit another
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    I fell out with Suunto a bit ago about that and posted that warning on here. But I forgave them to a certain extent as I like their actual products. The ambit 3 range are compatible with the Suunto app and will download via Bluetooth. Having a phone with a big screen helps but it's not quite as good as movescount on a computer screen was. The other drawback is that you need to log in to Movescount, (which Suunto has kept going in a limited form for this purpose after lots of angry feedback) and connect the watch via cable to change settings etc. Not a major issue for me as once the watch is set up I rarely alter it and I don't use routes or waypoints. The other deciding factor was the price - about a third of what I paid for the original ambit 5 or 6 years earlier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Llani Boy View Post
    Since doing some longer days out recently I have noticed that my Garmin Forerunner 35 which I have had for few years, and does everything I need a watch to do, has stared running out of battery after around 10hrs.

    I am looking for a replacement and something that will have battery power to last a couple of days.

    The Garmin Instinct Solar has caught my eye.

    Has anyone got one and if so how do you rate it?
    I have the non-solar instinct and can't fault it. Ticks all the boxes and battery life is excellent. I posted a review here.

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