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Thread: Where am I?

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    Quote Originally Posted by markmc View Post
    Very easy one Clisham the highest hill on the Isle of Harris.
    Agree with that. You beat me to the post. From the layby on the road. Bit of a flog, but gets better as you get higher. Fantastic views from the summit. I'm sad that when I climbed it my time was limited and I couldn't complete the horseshoe.

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    I spotted the telegraph wires in your first photo, Marco, which threw me. I was looking in Wales .

    I ticked An Cliseam in the early 80's but would never of recognised it. What I recall most about Harris and Benbecula was that from high ground you could see so many Lochans glimmering in the sun. Fantastic.
    Visibility good except in Hill Fog

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marco View Post
    You are correct on the hill, An Cliseam, but you haven't said where it was taken from.

    And there's a very big clue on the photo for those of you who've never seen it but have sharp eyes
    Had I known that you earned a extra brownie point for the lay-by I would of said, but it is fairly obvious for those of us that have been there were the photo was taken from. And the views from the summit are fantastic to so is the horseshoe. I had a brilliant day for my run around the horseshoe with the Eagles following me for quite a while.

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