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Thread: At What Age is Cool Uncool?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fellbeast View Post
    Llani Boy I can understand you being a bit wary of using youngster language n’all but the word cool is probably from the generation before yours, not anything after. Just watch the 1961 film West Side Story - they had a whole song and dance routine called “Cool Boy”

    Maybe you should drop the Llani and insert Cool instead

    Yes Hippies in the late 60s seemed to think everything was cool but I think the origination of the expression was way back in the 30s, but TBH if you are comfortable with what you say and are it doesn`t matter one iota what others think
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    I know, right!
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    Jason Donovan said once he spent the entire 80s trying to be cool, only to later realise that being cool is just being yourself.
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