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Thread: Category B races

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    A look back through my race results...

    Kinder Trog - another toughie from the Peaks

    Nine Standards - a great race and new year occasion. some may not favour it as half of it is on either road or very hard track. i loved it.

    Holyhead Mountain - a relative unknown, but a fast and furious race with a superb final descent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Llani Boy View Post
    Calton yes. A proper old fashioned village race.

    I heard that it will no longer be run because the RO lives in Scotland and due to his age he struggles with the 600 miles round trip!
    Yes Rod Campbell organises it and has lived near Aberdeen for several years since moving from Calton and starting the race. He's well over 70 and has tried fruitlessly to find a new organiser.

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    Kinder Downfall & Kinder Trog (yes I know that's two races, but closely related)
    Scramble the rock face through the glare of morning sun to run

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    North York Moors
    Admittedly from a shallow pool, Gisborough Moors is one of my favourite races.

    It's almost certainly largely a trail race rather than a classic fell race, but fast and a challenging distance and enough up and downs to really test the endurance.

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    Eskdale show, cat BS. The best spread of stationary engines I've ever seen. I ran this on the day I turned 40 hoping it be first V40...which I wasn't by a long way. Not a course you could settle into, ever changing- hills, flat, bogs, hills, downhills, bogs, up, down, up, down, crags, fast downhill, fall over, finish.

    Beefys Nab also a fun one, I'm sure Brett deliberately uses very few flags over the descent to catch you out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr brightside View Post

    Beefys Nab also a fun one, I'm sure Brett deliberately uses very few flags over the descent to catch you out.
    As if...or is he really like that?
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