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Thread: Hants/Wilts training buddies?

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    Hants/Wilts training buddies?

    Hi all, aiming for a July Ď21 BGR attempt. As the title suggests, Iím based on the South Coast (that famous fell running region...), so would be great to find fellow southern softies to either train with or car share up to the Lakes. Iíll also be doing regular trips to Brecon to get my hill legs in - again, happy to give people a lift if needed. Iím no racing snake, so anyone targeting a quick round might want to look elsewhere

    On another topic, would be interesting to hear how any fellow flat-landers utilised the bike in their training for successful rounds. Iím planning on 1-2 rides a week with long, low cadence Z4 efforts - basically a poor manís attempt at replicating a sustained climb. Obviously no substitute for the pounding of a rough day up (and down!) the fells, but would be good to hear views for/against these sort of sessions.



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    Iím based in Newbury... Iíve thought about the BGR in the past and did legs 3+4 in a day last summer. Iíve done most of the other legs except leg 5. This year, Iím signed up to Snowdonia 100K in Early June.
    Iíd be up for some training trips to the Beacons/Lakes... once COVID gets sorted out of course! It would be nice to have a training/running buddy...
    Where are you based?
    All the best

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    Hi Alex! Iím based near Southampton, so not a million miles away. Trips to the Beacons sounds good! Currently rehabbing a stubborn Achilles, but will hopefully be back in the game post-lockdown... will drop you an IM

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    Hi both, I'm looking to do the BGR in 2022 due to The Dragons Back race being my main focus. Well up for reeces though.

    I'm based in Reading (Beacon Hill is my training place atm)

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