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Thread: Fell races, what are they?

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    We probably all know that cyclists can only have two out of cheap, light or strong. But fell races can probably have all three of cheap, minimalist and tough!

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    Quote Originally Posted by brett View Post
    I think you will find that the PPP is a category A "fell" race and always will be!

    A proper fell race, well, once you are off the tarmac!
    I love the 3 peaks and because the current route is so established it would truly cock up all of the records were it to be changed in any way. But if I could magically change it (and not have and land owner issues in doing so) the absolutely perfect 3P route would be:

    1. Up Penyghent on the short sharp Brackenbottom side
    2. Penyghent to Nether Lodge - follow the old ‘proper’ black dub moss crossing (or any line you like). Cut out the gravel and replace with bog!
    3. Follow the Ribble way from Nether Lodge to briefly tread tarmac as you cross the Hawes road at Green Slack Hill.
    4. Contour round through open moor to pick up the usual route up Whernside just above the viaduct
    5. Usual descent from Whernside to Hill Inn and although the usual Ingleborough ascent (up the flagstones of doom) can be an option, also allow runners to try a proper ‘route one’ up black shiver ridge if they prefer
    6. Usual fantastic descent to Horton

    Now that would be a heck of a 3P fell race route

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