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Thread: Running guides - what qualification

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthew View Post
    Mike T -Iím not looking to coach (although it does interest me) Iím thinking about taking groups out onto the hill pretty much what a ML/mountain guide does but in a running capacity.
    Insurance is a must (liability issues), as is first aid training which has to have up to date certification.

    Also, I think you'd need to evidence an appropriate level of risk assessment planning, appropriate to the area you're going into and the level of ability of the individuals you are guiding.

    Plus remember that if you're going off public rights of way, then I believe there are issues for using Access Land (under the CROW Act)if you're getting paid by the party you're guiding.

    I help out as an assistant ride leader for an equestrian company that takes/guides horse riders on the fells, and there's loads of red tape designed both to keep your 'customers' safe and you too (from being sued).
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    Thanks for the input. Lots to think about. Having looked around ML seems pretty common. I’ll keep pondering and playing with the idea.

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    Ive been guiding runners for years and running hill skill courses for runners.
    Im an ML.
    Its a big issue. It can depend if you are talking fee paying clients or friends on club run.
    The question you should ask is if it goes wrong you will need to show competancy, you will need current logbook to show currency. Insurance isnt mandatory but you'd be insane to advertise courses with out it.
    You'd need drb if taking kids and a suitable outdoor first would be standard.

    There lots of other issues.. Id be happy to chat.

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    Hi Ian, thanks for the response. I'd be interested to know abit more about your experiences etc. I'll drop you an email at somepoint if thats ok (it might be in a couple of weeks when work has quietened down and I've collected my thoughts!)


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