For those interested in the fastest, oldest, youngest, etc. sort of lists I've added a couple of options to look through the data. You will need a reasonably modern browser to see these, anything from around 2017 onwards will be fine, since most people's browsers are updated several times a year it shouldn't be a problem.

The first is for various records and lists - simply select from the drop down list. The reason for some lists being "under 20yrs" or similar is that hard coding the table size cuts some people out even though they may be the same age. I just went with a figure that gave a reasonably sized table.

The second is for the membership list. You may select either a year, part of a surname or a club name or a mixture of any of these to filter things down. For the surname you can “pin” what you type to the start or end, so “ wright” or “^wright” (i.e. a space or the ^ character at the start) will find “Wright” but not “Cartwright” whereas “ight$” or “ight “ ( a space or the $ character as the last character) will find “Cartwright” but not “Wightman”. “ight” will return all three.

The data this runs over will get updated at the start of each year along with the usual PDF lists. As usual let me know if you come across any problems or have an idea for another way to dice the data.