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Thread: Bob Graham

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    Bob Graham

    Congratulations - Britta

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    Quote Originally Posted by brett View Post
    Congratulations - Britta
    Don't think she stopped talking all the way up Dale head, or was it that she couldn't get a word in

    Well done girl


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    Re: Bob Graham

    Thanks! Still grinning like a cheshire cat!

    How do you put it into words? The best day ever - truly character building stuff and the support of my awsome team most humbling!!!

    An hour down at Dunmail had me worried a bit

    Stunning day, leg 1 & 2 a bit fraught in the dark, leg 3 beyond what i can put into words right now, leg 4 though, leg 5 a party! The run back up Market Square the best moment ever!!!

    Bill, you were a star as was the rest of my team - i'm most proud of having had you guys with me!!!

    PS: 23:30:23

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    Re: Bob Graham

    I never really understood the vital importance of the support until I did a round. It does make you realise how incredible solo rounds are as well. Glad you enjoyed it, my main aim in the Paddy Buckley was just have a good day out and see how it goes. With a good group it's such a good day out, almost every thing that is good about fell running in the one day.

    Enjoying it makes it mentally such a different ball game. Earlier in the summer I did the WHW race and had a mare, finished, but was just mentally low the whole race. I reckon my Paddy Buckley was my best ever day out in the hills. Well done on coming back from being behind schedule, I was worried how I'd manage mentally if it happened to me, luckily I had a good first leg that put a lot of time in the bag and although dropped a few minutes on some techincal terrain at night made a few minutes on every leg which mentally kept me going.

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    Re: Bob Graham

    Well done Britta - running up that Market Square with friends in tow is certainly an amazing moment.

    Many many congratulations - enjoy the fuss!


    PS - You were 30 seconds quicker than me

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    Re: Bob Graham

    Well done, Britta. I agree entirely, it is the best day ever, isn't it? Especially that run up the market square.

    I dare say we'll be reading a report in the next Fellrunner!

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    Re: Bob Graham

    Great recovery, very well done.


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    Re: Bob Graham

    Well Done Britta

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    Re: Bob Graham

    Excellent, well done and well clawed back that must have been a great feeling.

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    Re: Bob Graham

    good britta good
    nice one

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