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Thread: Today's Euro 2020

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    Today's Euro 2020

    Anyone can please explain this to me....

    Yesterday during Italy Wales, with Italy already secured 1st position in the group, coach Mancini replaced keeper, Sirigu for Donnarumma, at the 89th min.

    What's the reason for such a ridiculous change, ONE minute before game end?

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    I've absolutely no idea. They said it was a demonstration that Mancini is always thinking about the squad, but it seemed bizarre.

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    Apparently something to do with Mancini having missed out on playing at a tournament (Italia 90?) despite being in the squad. Now 25 of 26 players have featured in the Euros (only third choice keeper hasn't got on the pitch).

    Either that or Wales' non-stop onslaught on the Italian goal tired out the first lad.
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