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Thread: Running after Covid

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    Running after Covid

    Got Delta variant...its messed up my plans despite having 1st Astra Zenica jab. Anyone got any advice about how long it took took to get back up to steam? Thought it was a cold until I really thought about it. My 'version' does not seem to have effected lungs as such and would say i have had a mild dose. Starting to feel better.

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    I think I had the old variant back in March last year (no testing back then). It took a while to get back up to speed - a few weeks of feeling a bit below par after being well enough to be at work again. Take it steady I reckon. Good luck.

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    Yes I reckon it will be a few rubbish runs. Still cannot smell or taste much but improving glad I did not get a full dose.

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    If you've not got it on your lungs or chest i think you'll be ok.
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    Yes, did a short run did not feel great but equally did not end up walking. Will wait and do another shortie, see what occurs. Could do without it…

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