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Thread: Training with a Stairmaster

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    Training with a Stairmaster

    Have seen mention of using one on the forum, does anyone train using one ? Just after information as being in Lincolnshire it’s not easy to get long hill sessions in. Thanks for any help.
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    Hi Andy...

    I use then occasionally in the gym, they are a good workout, and a reasonable fellrunner would get about 4000ft in an hour out of them at a steady pace.

    Although i have to say that personally i think using a treadmill at max gradient (15% preferably) is more specific and more benefit.

    Certainly if you're looking to purchase one then i'd opt for a treadmill over a stairmaster... a really decent treadmill can be had for around £1500 (many cheaper options available), but a stairmaster costs thousands.

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    Thanks for the info. Not looking to buy but planning to use local gym. They have both and I want to get some climbing in without having to travel.

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