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Thread: Shoes for hallux rigidus

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    Shoes for hallux rigidus

    Wondering if anyone has any advice - I've got arthritis in my big toe, which isn't that bad, but needs stiff shoes to reduce movement at the joint (particularly when climbing).

    Anyone got any fell/trail shoe recommendations that are on the stiffer side - I appreciate that this means giving up a lot of 'feel', but needs must...


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    I found more miles quite rigid (they don't last long, but they are pleasingly cheap). Inov-8s say they're designed to flex, so not them.

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    If you can find a pair, then Mizuno Wave Harriers would do the trick.

    Unfortunately they don't make them anymore
    Visibility good except in Hill Fog

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    After the success of road shoes with carbon/nylon plates in the midsole, then some trail shoes with a plate have started to appear - the plate will make the forefoot pretty rigid.
    The main ones I can think of at the moment are the North Face Vectiv series, but there may be others.

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    Currently wearing some TNF vectivs, and they seem to do the job of immobilising the joint well for everyday wear, although still flares up a bit after a run. Definitely better than continuing without a plate.

    Thanks for the tip,


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    I was wondering how the TNF Vectivs are going in the longer term? I also suffer from Hallux Rigidus and haven't really run in the fells much since it got worse. The last time I did - Saunders a couple of years ago - was fairly painful. I am pondering what option to go for. For road running I wear Altras and those seem fine - perhaps as I don't run very fast these days so don't need to tilt my foot much in the toe-off phase. Unfortunately trail Altras have a very weedy grip.

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