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Thread: Birthday present

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    Birthday present

    My birthday is approaching and "unfortunately" I already own all the desired or needed stuff for my hobbies, cycling, running (been injuried for months, but this is another story...), or mountains (nearest mountain 1000km away, also another story...). I'm not on useless overpriced electronics like Garmin GPS running watch.
    Of course I fancy a new carbon bike (not really needed) but I just feel morally wrong to splash out 4k just because bicycles are cool.

    What to suggest to my girls for present?

    A tree. I'm a green taliban (and proud of it) and I feel trees in my garden are never enough. Even more so as the latest pear tree at front died (immediately after I planted it, no idea why). But maybe best waiting until early spring for planting new trees....

    A magazine. I love reading politics and international affair. My fav mag is The Economist. But at 275 eur/yr is expensive. Otherwise the NYT, but the very fav but still great, and now only half euro a week.

    Any suggestion?
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    Gardeners Weekly subscription?
    Cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run

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    Indeed gardening is a hobby of mine but I don't like too much "hobbys' magazines", I feel they tend to be too posh, glossy, and push us too much for buying overpriced stuff we don't need. Like magazines on cycling or triathlon or computer...

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    Train ticket to Zermatt (since you are always complaining about being too far from the mountains).

    [I will leave it up to your girls to decide whether they want to give you a return or a one-way ticket.]
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    Alpkit Brukit. Got one for my 40th and it is awesome on days out for making cups of coffee etc…

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    Quote Originally Posted by anthonykay View Post
    Train ticket to Zermatt
    This is the winner!

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    Is it too late to suggest some Gooseberry and Blackcurrant bushes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Llani Boy View Post
    Is it too late to suggest some Gooseberry and Blackcurrant bushes?
    This would be great, thanks, but no more available space left in the garden. Already many raspberry and everything else. Pity I missed out on cherry jam (dozens of jars last year!), because the time for harvest overlapped with the trip to the Dolomites.

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